By placing an order for our services, you accept and agree to the following terms and conditions.

Printing Imperfections:

1. Smudging may occur on a finished print. This is more likely to occur in multi-layered prints with heavy ink coverage. Riso ink is rice-bran based and the final product is more similar to newspaper ink than inkjet or toner prints.

2. Misalignment and skewing may occur in prints with multiple layers. A multi-color or double-sided print requires multiple passes through the machine which can result in the higher probability of misalignments between color layers and pages.

3.  Uneven inking will occur due to the printing process of the machine. We do our best to avoid this, but when large areas of ink are printed, uneven distribution of ink may be noticeable.

4. Roller marks and smudging may occur on rush jobs, as the ink will not have had long enough to cure and absorb into the paper.

5. Roller marks may appear on prints that utilize more ink colors. With multiple color layers, and runs through the printer, the machine's paper feeder has a greater chance of transferring wet ink.

Production time:

Production time will depend on the scope of the project. Factors such as the number of prints needed, layers, double-sided printing, and the binding method will affect the final delivery date. Deadlines must be presented by the client during the quote process and confirmed again during the invoice process. Cost of production, as well as the ability to complete the job within the time frame presented, can be greatly affected. Jobs that require less than 10 business days for production are subject to a rush fee. We are not responsible for any delays caused by the shipping carrier. Shipping is not factored into production time. All jobs will begin production once all files are print-ready and payment or deposit is secured. 

File setup:

We offer consultation on best practices for file setup. Upon request, we can meet with you after the initial quote has been sent and prior to invoicing and production. A consultation fee for project execution will be included in the final invoice. We can also send you a file setup guide that will best fit the scope of your project. Once your files have been submitted to us, we will look over them before production. If there are any outstanding errors in your file(s), we will warn you of said errors as well as tips on how to fix them. Any corrective file editing services from us are subject to an additional fee. We are not responsible for any technical, editorial, or design errors that may be present in your file(s). Such errors including but not limited to:

  • Grammatical errors.
  • Low-resolution images.
  • Design errors or incorrect color matching created by the client.
  • Wrongly selected printing options, sizes, finishing options, or quantity.
  • Duplicate order(s) placed by clients
  • Color matching without hard proof approval.
  • Editorial errors, such as underestimated sizing, typeface choice, incorrect bleed, or image orientation.
  • Delivery delays due to client’s lack of responses to questions regarding production, incorrect file setup, or delays in file submission.

Pre-Production Approval:

1. Prior to invoicing, we will send you an estimate of production costs. This quote is valid for 30 days, subject to change depending on the final artwork and project scope. After approval of the initial quote, we will send you an invoice.

2. Before beginning production, we will send you an invoice with the outlined final details for your project. Please review the invoice details carefully before paying. By paying the invoice you agree the details listed for your print job are correct; any earlier communication that contradicts the invoice is no longer valid.

3. Upon request, we can email you a digital soft proof or mock-up. Digital mock-ups are not exact reproductions of colors. If you would like to see a true color sample, you can request a hard proof at an additional fee. Upon approving the soft proof and paying the invoice, you have accepted the order and agreed that the information and images are correct. If any changes are requested after accepting the invoice and proofs, there may be additional costs.

4. Riso requires a master to be made for each color and design printed so running a test print or a proof is expensive and takes time. For smaller scale projects, we can do a test print for an additional fee, and for larger projects like books, we can run an interior page and a cover test print if necessary for an additional fee.


We require a 50% deposit on all booklet orders and any orders consisting of greater than 500 prints prior to production. On orders smaller than 500 prints, we will require full payment before production begins. Invoices will be sent to the customer prior to production. Currently, we are only accepting checks and ACH payments (e-checks). We DO NOT accept Venmo or cash.

Print Samples for Our Portfolio:

We reserve the right to showcase any/all of the client’s printed work as part of our portfolio, website, and/or social media platforms. We acknowledge the confidential nature of certain projects and agree to only display a client’s work once a project has been publicly launched. We will not display any content if the client requests us not to.

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